Abi Cochran

I make one-off pieces for people who want something a bit different, custom made jewellery for special occasions. I also have a constantly evolving collection of designs that are available all year round.


Recent inspiration has come from landscape and aerial photos, I’m attracted to the intricate details and fluid patterns. The recurring theme has been rivers going through rocky valleys – I layer smoothly curving wires over textured silver, then embellish with gemstones and gold granulation to make tiny jewelled landscapes. I’ve recently been etching silver using photos taken in  a nature reserve close to home.

I’ve been mainly self taught since Casty Cobb my silversmith grandmother died, she taught be the basics of jewellery making along with many people in Cambridge until she was 92!

I sell online through my own  and on  throughout the year.

WEBSITE: www.silverspirals.co.uk

EMAIL: abi@silverspirals.co.uk

FACEBOOK: @silverspirals.co.uk

TWITTER: @silverspirals

INSTAGRAM: @silverspirals_

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