A directory of all past and future exhibitors for Histon Handmade

Nadine Anderson – baskets and decorations

Jo Clark – illustration

Abi Cochran – jewellery (silver and gold)

Clarissa Cochran – textiles and printmaking

Rachel Dormor – ceramics

Edel Hopkin – handmade books

Claire Howieson – jewellery (silver and gold)

Alison Hullyer – printing, illustration and gifts

Nicola Killen – children’s books and illustration

Amanda MacPhail – decorated bone china

Jeremy Nicholls – decorative woodwork

Anna Osborne – embroidered textiles

Ophelia Redpath – painting and illustration

Jutta Robinson – jewellery and glass design

Roxana de Rond – illustration

Sue Smith – watercolour, pen and ink, coloured pencil

Rebecca Stark – metal clocks and mixed media paintings

Andrew Strickland – furniture designer and maker

Rhiannon Thomas – wire art and cards

Jo Tunmer – hand-pulled prints and gifts

Sarah Vigliotti – photography and printmaking

Sarah Went – ceramics

Emma Will – ceramics

Cambridge Street Bakes – delicious treats and drinks to keep you going!




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