Amanda MacPhail

I studied illustration and design at Art School and worked as a freelance illustrator producing work for various books and magazines and have shown my work nationally. I taught Graphics and Illustration on the Cambridge Foundation Course for many years. I left teaching ten years ago now and started my little ‘business’ of applying drawings to bone china with on glaze enamel. self%20portraitI draw, transfer the drawings to the glaze and cut these out, immerse them in water and then apply the glaze to the china.  I achieve the black line outlines by sending pen and ink or pencil drawings to a digital studio where they are then transformed in to glaze which again I float in water and lay over the colour.

Bringing my love of image and teaching together I also very much enjoying inviting people to my studio and home and enabling them to produce wonderful individual work. Over the years many many people have produced their own designs for plates, it’s a most exciting and yet relaxing procedure.  Even those who say “I can’t draw a line” are enthralled by what they achieve.



PHONE: 01954 250496



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