Andrew Strickland

I am a designer and maker of bespoke contemporary furniture, based in Histon, Cambridge. Drawing on 30 years of commercial design experience, I strive to deliver highly functional pieces that enhance their surroundings.

Andrew Strickland Furniture

Designing and making have always been important to me. After studying design at art college, I went on to work in graphic design, while also developing my 3D design skills in the creation of museum and high street retail displays. Having made furniture for myself and my family, I enrolled on a year long professional furniture making course at the Peter Sefton Furniture School in 2015. There, I honed my skills under the guidance of both Peter and renowned designer Sean Feeney.

My main influences include 20th century iconic designers, furniture makers and artists. I like to mix fine detail with strong form to create contemporary pieces which stimulate the senses.

I usually work to commission, predominantly in native, sustainably sourced hardwoods. Projects vary in scale from large statement pieces such as a sideboard, to small items like jewellery and ring boxes. I am also happy to undertake work on utility furniture, such as a kitchen island unit, and bespoke fitted furniture. All are made with the same attention to detail and care in construction.

Previous exhibitions include the 2016 Celebration of Craftsmanship and Design in Cheltenham


PHONE: 07932 736989


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