Katie Lynn (Molten Wonky)

Katie Lynn has transformed her love of glass into an original and colourful business, selling handmade fused glass gifts and decorations at craft fairs, shops and galleries across the country. They are sold under Katie’s brand name, molten wonky.

Katie’s passion for colour, concepts and form has inspired her to add many new products to her original range of Christmas products. In keeping with Katie’s production ethos, each “wonky” will retain its own quirky uniqueness.  As she works in a random and haphazard way, that helps to create each unique “wonky” product.

molten wonky was launched in 2009. Having studied Stained Glass at Chelsea School of Art, Katie had experience of working with the wonderful colours that are available in glass but found that she wanted to work in a freer more fluid way. Katie bought a small kiln and started to fuse some of her designs. Her first range was a Christmas collection in 2010. Nugget jewels and the first wonkyland flower were grown in 2011. Wonkylove was introduced in 2012 for valentines day and 2013 bought quirky birds in to the range. Since then the ranges have expanded although many of the original products are still the best sellers. Dichroic pieces, wire, paint and millefiore are also added to create interest and to make each piece individual.

The molten wonky studio is a farm building at Katie’s home in Essex where she holds workshops and openstudio events. Wonky products are also sold at craft events the are listed on Katie’s website or via local stockists.  molten wonky products are also sold at trade shows.

Finally, Katie is delighted to be asked to make pieces to commission – anything from a quirky bird up to a large set of wonkyland flowers. Please contact her to discuss your ideas.

WEBSITE: www.moltenwonky.co.uk

PHONE: 01440 899599

EMAIL: katie.lynn@moltenwonky.co.uk

FACEBOOK: @moltenwonky

TWITTER: @moltenwonky

INSTAGRAM: @molten_wonky

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