Nikki Grant

fullsizeoutput_1abdI am a self taught weaver, but have always had A Thing about colour.  Give me a box of coloured pencils in rainbow order and I’m a happy bunny!  Weaving therefore fulfils a need to combine colour and make patterns in a very satisfying way for me.
I have discovered the delights of the natural fibre yarn tencel (lyocell).  It is made from wood pulp using a closed chemical system that is very environmentally friendly, and produces a fine, shiny, strong yarn.  It takes dyes incredibly well, which led me to start dying using Procion MX dyes.  My palette is now no longer limited to the few colours available in shops, and has allowed experimenting with ice dying and other amazing techniques.
I use a 12 shaft Louet Spring floor loom which I love.  But this doesn’t stop me wishing for more shafts to my loom to allow even more complex patterns and designs!
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