Rebecca Stark

After graduating from Art School in 1993, I established a business designing and making metal clocks. ImageI used many techniques, including etching, engraving and riveting to create a range of unusual designs for both free-standing and wall clocks. These sold in galleries and were also commissioned by several Cambridge colleges and libraries. In 2000, my first child was born and my clocks were put on hold.

Since returning to my art, I have been painting and working with mixed media and collage to produce pictures that include still lives and Cambridge scenes. Having established my paintings and prints, I have more recently turned my attention back to metalwork. Textures and patterns that featured in my paintings have been developed and transformed onto metal. I love experimenting with new ideas and techniques, alongside many that I have previously used. I work with a variety of metals, including nickel silver, brass, aluminium and copper. My desire to combine aesthetic appeal, interest, and functionality has drawn me happily back to making clocks.


PHONE: 07432 641468

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