Sam Rogers

sam portrait bio b&w

I originally trained at art college as a graphic designer back in the late 80s, but now I work part time in a school when not being creative in my home shedio. I started my glass journey with a microwave kiln just over 10 years ago and very quickly decided to upgrade to a larger kiln and learn by trial and error, as well as books and the internet. I try to incorporate my quirky sense of humour into my work, with this coming through most in my glass birds and animals, all with their own distinctive personalities (complete biographies with their likes, dislikes and aspirations for the future appear on my facebook page).  Inspiration comes from the countryside and coast as well as the birds that come to my garden.

Most recently I have discovered lampworking (bead making in a scary flame) and am experimenting with ways to incorporate it with the fused work so look out for some new and more sculptural unique pieces coming soon!


PHONE: 07879 425054


FACEBOOK: @Signed-by-Sam

TWITTER: @signedbysam

INSTAGRAM: @signedbysam

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