Sarah Rooms Heaphy

Sarah Rooms-HeaphyLove of the beach and coastline…calming effects of the sea…. contrast of the rough cliffs and stones against the flat sand…collecting stones…. unconsciously stacking pebbles… … smooth against rough…geological strata…matt vs. shiny…dry vs. wet…nature…narrow lanes leading to secluded beaches… textures in hedgerows…cliff top walks… grasses blowing in the wind…. Clouds chasing across the sky…. Intense contrasting colours….

An accumulative inspiration.

My work is primarily porcelain based, including the use of paper clay to enable me to use very thinly rolled pieces of clay. I spend time collecting shells, ammonites, leaves and all sorts of textures to use in my pieces. These are used to make plaster moulds, to create relief images. The work is hand-built, white porcelain vessels which are then washed with delicate colours to enhance the images & texture.  These are fired to a maximum of 1260’ in an electric kiln, creating delicate, yet strong porcelain vessels.

I also experiment with light and translucency of the porcelain clay to create tea lights and electric lamps.


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