Terry Chance

I like making things that will draw a smile or outright laugh so mainly I make small creatures such as chickens, hares, mice and other little beings. Colour is a big influence as well and I create ornaments and wire hangings which show flowers, beach huts, boats, birds and other decorative items. Using the copper foil technique and adding wire embellishments, I try to keep everything simple although the work to make it can be quite complex and fiddly.

TC Bio photo

My pendant, earring and brooch jewellery are constructed with glass using the mosaic technique making each a little piece of unique art to wear.

I sell in my online shop, exhibit with Open Studios in Cambridge and have my art at the Ely Cathedral Stained Glass Museum shop and various galleries in East Anglia. My work has been featured in several magazines in the UK and USA.

WEBSITE: www.terrychancemosaicsetc.com

EMAIL: terrychancemosaicsetc@gmail.com

FACEBOOK: @TerryChanceMosaicsetc

INSTAGRAM: @terrychancemosaicsetc

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